Parmax Reamers

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Parmax Classic reamers is the perfect match to Parmax Classic Metal Posts, 3 pcs/pkg

Parmax Paralight Reamers is the perfect match to Parmax Paralight, 2 pcs/pkg

Produkt Beskrivning
Item No Parmax Classic Reamers
Short (28 mm), 3 pcs/pkg
PRA-1/3FP Diam. 1,05 mm
PRA-2/3FP Diam. 1,20 mm
PRA-3/3FP Diam. 1,35 mm
PRA-4/3FP Diam. 1,50 mm
PRA-5/3FP Diam. 1,65 mm
PRA-6/3FP Diam. 1,80 mm
PRA-1/6 Assortment long, variaty of 6, one of each
Long (33 mm), 3 pcs/pkg
PRB-1/3FP Diam. 1,05 mm
PRB-2/3FP Diam. 1,20 mm
PRB-3/3FP Diam. 1,35 mm
PRB-4/3FP Diam. 1,50 mm
PRB-5/3FP Diam. 1,65 mm
PRB-6/3FP Diam. 1,80 mm
PRB-1/6 Assortment long, variaty of 6, one of each
Parmax Paralight Reamers, 2 pcs/pkg
PLR-3/2 Paralight Reamers, Diam. 1,35 mm
PLR-4/2 Paralight Reamers, Diam. 1,50 mm
PLR-5/2 Paralight Reamers, Diam. 1,65 mm
PLR-6/2 Paralight Reamers, Diam. 1,80 mm