About Parmax

Parmax AB is a Swedish company with factory and headquarters in Spånga, Stockholm. Parmax manufactures its entire range of high-quality dental products in Spånga and distributes its own as well as other brands in the dental industry directly to Swedish dentists. Parmax also has a product range that is sold on export to distributors in various countries around the world.

Parmax was established in 1983 and offers a well-developed and well-known range of cost-effective dental products consisting of a diamonds, root canal posts (both in metal and fiberglass) and reamers.

Parmax follow the EU regulations, and our products are EU certified by Intertek. The MDD extension letter with the product list is listed here: 

MDD Extension Confirmation Letter for EU MDR with Product List

Parmax is certified against ISO 13485:2016. Download the certificate by clicking on the link below:

Certificate of Registration ISO 13485:2016

About Parmax