Parmax Paralight Posts

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For strong aesthetic restorations

Parmax Paralight posts offer the One-Step procedure for simultaneously curing of adhesives and composites within the confines of canals, creating a mono-bloc strength anchor-core support.
The resin-reinforced fiberglass Paralight posts are the optimal choice for anchorage and a cohesive foundation for flawless aesthetics. The anchors can be economically placed in the smallest and largest canals with off-the-shelf brand name adhesives and resins. Paralight transmits natural hues and tooth colors through the teeth and the surrounding gingival tissue.


The Parmax Paralight Posts transmit light into the confines of canals, polymerizing adhesives and composites attaching firmly the anchor with core foundation. The Paralight Posts, with modern adhesive materials, overcome the disadvantages of metal post products especially in the highly aesthetic visible zones. It creates the ideal color background for crowns and the surrounding gingival tissue that is accomplished with conventional techniques and procedures.


The Paralight Posts are composed of longitudinal fiberglass rods in a strong resin matrix with a modulus of elasticity well within the range of dentin. It provides the strength needed for supporting restorations. The anchor-core construction creates the ideal mono-bloc strength foundation for aesthetic restorations.

Technical information

Paralight provide extremely high adhesion to composite materials. The post and core is retentive and antirotational, conserving sound radicular and coronal structure.
Available in 4 sizes; XS (Ø 1.3 mm), S (Ø 1,45 mm), M (Ø 1,6 mm), L (Ø 1,75 mm)

Produkt Beskrivning
Item No Paralight Glass Fiber Posts
PL-XS15 Paralight 15 posts, x-small, with marking ring
PL-S15 Paralight 15 posts, small, with marking ring
PL-M15 Paralight 15 posts, medium, with marking ring
PL-L15 Paralight 15 posts, large, with marking ring