Parmax Metal Posts - Gold Plated

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Parmax Classic Gold Plated Root Canal Posts are recommended for all retention purposes.

Parmax metal root canal posts are manufactured according to ISO 13485, the Parmax classic post is the original post based on the pioneering invention from 1932 when the prefabricated classic post was introduced to the market by Dentatus. The posts are shiny and can shine through in composite restorations, which is why these posts are better suited for use in crown therapy with non-translucent materials.

The anatomical design comes in a variety of sizes from 7.8 to 14.2 mm in length and between 1.05 and 1.8 mm in diameter, to fit teeth of all sizes. Multiple posts can be combined for teeth with multiple roots. An economical alternative for permanent restorations.

Produkt Beskrivning
Item No Gold Plated Posts in Classic Dispenser
PG-60 Assortment without reamers, 60 posts (20 sizes, 3 of each), 1 hollow key, 1 kross key, 20 stoppers
PG-240 Assortment without reamers, 240 posts (20 sizes, 12 of each), 1 hollow key, 1 kross key, 20 stoppers
Gold Plated Post Refill Packages 12 pcs/pkg
Short (length 7,8 mm)
PG-S1 Diam. 1,05 mm
PG-S2 Diam. 1,20 mm
PG-S3 Diam. 1,35 mm
PG-S4 Diam. 1,50 mm
PG-S5 Diam. 1,65 mm
PG-S6 Diam. 1,80 mm
Medium (length 9,3 mm)
PG-M1 Diam. 1,05 mm
PG-M2 Diam. 1,20 mm
PG-M3 Diam. 1,35 mm
PG-M4 Diam. 1,50 mm
PG-M5 Diam. 1,65 mm
PG-M6 Diam. 1,80 mm
Long (length 11,8 mm)
PG-L1 Diam. 1,05 mm
PG-L2 Diam. 1,20 mm
PG-L3 Diam. 1,35 mm
PG-L4 Diam. 1,50 mm
PG-L5 Diam. 1,65 mm
PG-L6 Diam. 1,80 mm
Extra Long (length 14,2 mm)
PG-EL3 Diam. 1,35 mm
PG-EL4 Diam. 1,50 mm
PG-EL5 Diam. 1,65 mm
PG-EL6 Diam. 1,80 mm